Back to the grind: reentering reality

You may have noticed the last few posts were somewhat belated, largely because I knew that writing them would mean the real end of our adventure. After our amazing bike trip, Michael and I flew from Podgorica all the way to San Francisco (via Istanbul and Frankfurt) for a wedding. It was the best possible reentry, with a weekend packed full of seeing friends we hadn’t seen in months.

Michael's belated birthday celebration!
Michael’s belated birthday celebration!

After three wonderful days in San Francisco, we flew north to¬†Seattle, our new home, and began to settle into our new lives: unpacking our house, finding jobs, and – best of all – spending time with family and friends. In our first few weeks here, we’re already loving the opportunities to spend time with close family, and we hosted our first few guests, both overnight and for board games and dinners!

Our first time hosting Sunday dinner!
Our first time hosting Sunday dinner!

We are sad to end our global adventures, of course, but we are incredibly grateful to be returning to the warmth of extended family in Seattle and to begin the new adventures to come!

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