Slovak Paradise: day 1

Remember when we visited Czech Paradise, strewn with cool rock formations and ruined castles? Well, when we found its Slovak counterpart on the map, of course we couldn’t pass it by. So we spent two nights in Hrabusice on the northern side of the national park, then plan to bike¬†across the park to Stratena on the southern side tomorrow.

One of many caves
One of many caves

On Monday we were still a bit tired from our cross-country biking adventures the previous day, so we planned a 5-hour hike up to a 13th-century castle then through a few river gorges to the ruins of a 14th-century monastery. It turned out the castle was no longer much of a castle, but the gorges were quite the experience, with metal stepladders and cables clinging to cliffsides. The last part took us up a steep gorge with a half-dozen waterfalls, each of which had a steep ladder beside it to enable our ascent. It’s not a good spot for those with a fear of heights!


Our reward at the top was this lovely meadow, with panoramic views of the Tatras, a restored monastery in the foreground, and a snack bar selling beer to enrich our picnic lunch.

IMG_4012We had a lovely hike on an absolutely perfect day – 70 degrees and sunny – and were glad to rest from biking for 24 hours as we prepared to bike across a different part of Slovak Paradise tomorrow.

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  1. Greetings! I have been regularly reading and enjoying your postings. This part of your trip was especially appealing to me …ladders, wooden step, bridges, cables, narrow walkways…

    I am so impressed at your energy! I will be sorry when you finish this extraordinary trip. il

    I am traveling myself leaving the 12th like your parents but going in a different direction. I am on a textile tour to Arunachal Pradesh, India and across Bhutan, East to West, stopping in villages.

    I hope your visit to Romania and then with your parents are as great as your travels have been so far.

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